About Me

Photo by Christine Mitchell Photography

Hi, I'm Abby!

Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I'm a photographer and a creative storyteller. My photography style is clean, bright, and airy with a touch of classic and traditionalism.

It's always a goal for my photos to serve as a reminder of the sweet moments in life that pass by so quickly. I want my clients to look at their photos years from now and immediately remember the shy smirk that blanketed the face of their middle child, the look on their baby boy's face when he locked eyes with mama, their youngest's giggle that was so big it forced their eyes shut. That's the good stuff. And that's the story I love for my photos to tell.

I'm a mama to two sweet boys. And when I'm not mom-ing or taking pictures, I run a small marketing consulting business with my husband, Adam. We have a dog (who loves the camera) and a cat (who rarely makes appearances in photos).